Personal wellness package plans

Wellness and balance don’t happen overnight but then again neither does illness. For that reason I made Package plans to purposely take you through your  transformation. This is set for the right amount of time, so you will start to see change and start to learn  different lifestyle choices.  You will Then learn how to implement them in you life.

People package plans,

  3 session:

  3 sessions 45-min

  2 accountably check ins via phone or text

  Herbs/ Bach’s included for individual needs

 Meal plan ideas/ food choices targeted to where you need support   $600.00

    Light therapy added $280

6 sessions:

6  45 min sessions

 3 accountably check ins via phone or text 

 Herbs/ Bach’s included for individual needs 

meal plans and food choices targeted to where you need support

Shopping over haul learn to read labels   $1,200

 Light therapy added for $400

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