Equine wellness


 Equine wellness focuses on getting to core issues and bringing your horse into balance. Just like people they have a emotional, physical,mental and spiritual layer. Being a holistic practitioner I have used holistic therapies with my human clients with great results. Now I’m helping equine owners and their horses balance the natural way.

If your horse has emotional/ physical trauma, I will discuss Bach therapy and a technique called Emotion code or EFT. This helps with past trauma and unwanted emotions. Also we will discuss nutritional concerns you may have, I will help you with questions about supplement options, feed management and just general questions or concerns about overall health.

Bringing balance can take time and patience. Not all horses need the same protocol, just like people horses are individuals and their wellness plan should be too. I look at each horse and understand their unique situation and meet them where they are.

The one thing I truly want you to realize is healing and balance takes time and dedication and that’s why I created Package plans where you can have the support and the results you want.

If you have had these thoughts or questions go through your mind then I can help!

Is my horse Happy  in his/her work?

Could my horse have trauma?

Is my horse in pain?

I would like to take a more natural approach but I don’t know the first step.

I have trauma how do I get passed it

  Many times when animals are uncomfortable or fearful the connection between a animal and his/her human becomes strained, resulting in behavior and training problems. I can help asses these concerns and offer ways to help you and your pet overcome physical and emotional in-balances so you both can be your best. When you both are balanced as a team,  you will be able to productively work towards your goals and dreams. Please see my package plans and start this transformation now! 

Increasing harmony with your equine  partner

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